Shock Your Potential



#BVI Strong

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Today we head home from this amazing vacation, each person changed in some way. My hubby and I spent one last night in Tortola and were shocked by how much progress was made in this town during the 8 days we were at sea.

Bobby’s Markest has only been reopened a few days when we arrived on the 19th, shelves barely full, looking a bit like a war zone. We walked in yesterday to see full shelves, buzzing with people and wrapped in holiday decorations. We felt such a sense of pride!

At one of the local banks we saw this sign, proof that people have their priorities in line when people’s lives and livelihoods are in peril.

Examples of excellence and resilience abound here every where you look. Last night at the Village Cay restaurant, Chef Omar noticed we had not been seen yet and came to take care of us personally. Our little outdoor restaurant at a bar table overlooking the marina became a dining experience. Simply because he cared.

As we leave here today to return to frigid air in the northeast, I have been changed. These people, their view of the world, and their desire to do for others, is a lesson to me. Take care of each other. Love. And smile.


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