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Champagne in BVI

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: We’re going to need a bigger boat.

Seriously. I want a boat now, and have it all planned out in my mind. I need to sell more books!

Today is our last full day at sea, and I find myself so overwhelmed by the amazing people we’ve met. So much resilience, and so much opportunity to create joy in little moments. A boat that shows up to take our trash for a small fee. The few places with ice so that we can enjoy ridiculously cold beer instead of just cold beer. People who own the bars we have frequented who want to buy us a beer to thank us for coming. I am spoiled.

I wake each morning to the sun rising over gorgeous islands. I get rocked to sleep each night to the gentle motion of the ocean. Last night before dinner we had a show of dolphins, enjoying us as much as we enjoyed them. This morning a full rainbow over our bay while the rain fell and the sun shined.

I am blessed.

Wi-if has been in short supply, much to each of our enjoyment. Work can wait.

And while we charted through crazy high waves, amidst sun, rain and the spray of the ocean, we all giggled like children. And counted our blessings.

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