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BVI Boat

Cousin Frank

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: There’s a certain kind of person that can watch their home and livelihood be destroyed, and still smile. We have found so many of such people here.

Yesterday we pulled into White Bay, on Jost Van Dyke Island. The Soggy Dollar Bar, the birthplace of a drink called a Painkiller (which coincidentally can cause pain 12 hours later), sits on the shore along many other places in various states of being rebuilt.

We walked the short beach to get a feel for this place and found Coco Locos and the owner “Uncle Wendell.” Everyone is willing to share their story, and his was simply stunning. He survived only because he left his brother’s house when they were in the eye, and moved to the basement of the only concrete buildingAs they closed the door he saw a giant wave make a direct hit on his business.

One of his local customers, “Cousin Frank” later told me this. “The next hurricane, I want to get a harness and strap myself to a tree. I want to watch it all!”

These are reserved people with an easy smile. They have endured so much. And yet they still smile. And carry on.

I wonder how many boats like this will be left as a reminder. And perhaps a great vantage point, while strapped to a tree besides Cousin Frank.

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