Shock Your Potential


No Swimsuits

No Suits – No Service

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Traveling opens your eyes in so many ways. I always find things that show us how alike we are, and I often find things that make me ponder. Like, why are swimsuits forbidden on a pier where cruise ships dock?

Today we set sail with 3 other couples on a catamaran through BVI. One of the top items on my bucket list is to be on a yacht that someone else owns and just enjoy the trip. I believe this experience counts.

We have had some bumps along the way here, but mostly we find a resilient people thankful to have tourists again. The road to rebuilding takes more than nails and wood. It takes the lifeblood of tourism. People and money.

So as we go through the final briefing with the captain and the charter staff, we are ready. For adventure. For friendship. And most definitely for swimsuits.

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