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Harry and David's

Harry & David

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I get a kick out of flipping through food gift catalogs. It fills me with some sort of childlike delight, seeing all the beautiful arrangements. Very early in my career, when I could have never afforded one myself, I was in charge of buying them for clients. I believed that everyone who received it would be thrilled!

Somewhere along the way I learned that the gift baskets don’t always show up looking like the pictures. The “Tower of Gifts” is often multiple small boxes arranged neatly into a larger box. Still filled with sweets and treats, they don’t always impress on sight.

Imagine my surprise when the postman showed up with this holiday gift from my hubby’s company. It came out of the box looking perfect! A beautiful arrangement and feast for the eyes AND stomach.

When he started to unpack it and I yelled “NOOOOOO!” across the room, in order to preserve the picture. Poor man. Can you imagine being married to me?

We are the recipient these days of many lovely gifts, thoughtfully picked and sent by clients and customers. As I enjoy the beauty of this gift, almost from my hometown backyard nonetheless, I am thankful. I am blessed.

And I am wowed that Harry & David definitely live up to their picture!

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