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The Rock - Tacoma

The Rock – Tacoma, WA

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: OK, I realize that my posts lately have an overabundance of food. I prepare to hibernate this time of year in case I go hungry…before lunch.

I used to go to The Rock for pizza every time I was in Tacoma. The pizza is amazing, they brew great beer, the wings are fantastic, and it is near my hotel.

Now that I am grandma, however, I stay with my son. The Rock has gone by the wayside. Until last week.

Since I had a meeting in the area, I couldn’t resist going. And yes, I realize this is one giant pizza for little old me. I only ate 2 slices. I promise!

This time, however, I really got to enjoy talking with the bartender, Rhystina. Her attitude is amazing, she works at 3 different places that the owners run because they love her, and she has struggled to overcome things that would break another person.

I watched her run the entire restaurant. Her smile and laughter never faltered. She made everyone feel welcome. You would never know how much she carries on her shoulders.

I salute people like Rhystina, working hard to build a great life for their family and a great experience for me. We are the recipient of their dedication. These are the people who deserve big tips, and our thanks. And always, our praise.

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