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Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Ok, it is 4:45am in Seattle I realize that cookies are not an acceptable breakfast. But how do I say no to gingerbread cookies?

Travel is hard, but the little things can make all the difference. A superbly pleasant shuttle driver from the Seattle Airport Marriott. Smiling and happy TSA agents. A Delta team member undaunted by the line of people waiting for the Sky Club on A to open at 4:45am, and then making it faster by checking people in with a handheld device.

And gingerbread cookies!

Simple kindnesses, small gestures and surprising details move in the world like a pulse.

I wonder sometimes if these people know how much they impact weary travelers like me. Like you. That they are sometimes life blood and sometimes life support. Just by the smallest of details.

I begin a long journey home. I leave behind two beautiful grandchildren and a son who makes me so proud. My heart is breaking a bit.

But as I dive into this cookie it makes me think of sweet little hands that would devour this treat and cover Grandma with those sticky happy fingers.

A thought that makes me smile. Thanks to an airline. Who simply gave me a cookie.


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