Shock Your Potential


Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I was not allowed to have “sugared” cereal. My mother said sugar couldn’t be the first ingredient. I ate Frosted Mini-Wheats. Sugar was the second ingredient.

When I would go visit my oldest brother, he bought me Lucky Charms. It was our little “secret” that apparently wasn’t too secret, but it is a memory I cherish.

Imagine my surprise to find boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats and one lone box of Lucky Charms at my son’s house! The Grandma in me was appalled!

My trip with grandchildren is winding down, but I’ve learned a surprising leadership lesson. As a young mother I had little energy and patience. There was never enough time. Bath time was a necessary evil. Jumping on the couch was something to stop. And don’t even get me started on picky eaters when you are running late for work!

Grandma is something entirely different. I am happy for breakfast that takes an hour. Bath time involves lots of bubbles and toys that squirt at shampoo bottle targets. And couch jumping is absolutely welcomed.

It’s not a matter of spoiling. Simply a matter of enough time and energy and patience, knowing you have only so many wonderful moments of sticky fingers and runny noses and sweet hugs.

And the luxury to enjoy every one.


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