Shock Your Potential




Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Being the shy and introverted person I am, I hardly ever meet new people. Especially on airplanes.

But just this once I met someone on my Detroit to Seattle flight, and the chance meeting provided me with the most exceptional experience.

Rob Lougee is with DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and was headed to Tacoma to take part in a job fair, one of many across the US. His passion for supporting vets is infectious. The 4.5 hour flight “flew” by!

He invited me to come see the job fair in action. The companies there know that vets have a plethora if hirable and admirable attributes that aren’t always reflected on a resume.

Delta airlines, Carmax, Value Village, Farmers Insurance, and Dominos were just a drop in the bucket. I learned so many things about Value Village alone that I want to add them to my podcast lineup!

Rob and I are brainstorming some programs to support his organization, and I find myself so honored to be considered worthy of working with these incredible people who have served our country for my freedom.

If you are a vet, or love someone who is, check out And if you meet Rob on a plane, stop whatever you are doing to speak with him. You won’t regret it!


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