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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Yesterday I flew to Seattle for one more week with my son and grandbabies. I sometimes see a map of the US in my mind with a pic of a plane and dots. Anyone know the reference?

My son has full custody of a 3.5 and a 1 year old. And he works full time in construction. Poor kid fell asleep last night almost in mid sentence before I forced him to go to bed. He laughed when I tucked him in. He and my grandson, snuggling so that Grandma could have her own bed.

This morning I woke at 4am, feeing like I slept in, and was greeted by this sight.

I asked my friends on FB for kid-friendly DVDs that they didn’t need any longer, trying to build a library for my son. 2 lovely people came though. This is just one stack.

This time of year we are being asked to give. A lot. But gifts from the heart, from people who know what it means to struggle and are happy to support another in their journey, shows real love.

It reminds me of the line from Always Be Humble and Kind sung by Tim McGraw song and written by Lori McKenna.

“When you get where you’re goin’, don’t forget, turn back around. Help the next one in line.”

Now for the really funny part. Grandma’s heading to Walmart. For a new DVD player.



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