Shock Your Potential


TD Bank

TD Bank

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sales is art. You can be born with natural ability or inner confidence or complete insanity, but you have to be able to be coached, learn from masters and be willing to make a fool of yourself.

Some people struggle with the fool part. Not me. I make a fool of myself 3 times before breakfast.

TD Bank has been on my radar, but there is always another story that jumps ahead. Until yesterday.

A lady standing next to my teller asked me what kind of business I had. I said “I’m a writer and speaker about leadership, sales and customer experiences!” with a smile.

We had a fun talk about where I have spoken and my next book coming.

She asked me if I accepted credit cards, and I said yes, thinking this could be a sale! Whoop whoop!

She then asked if I used their credit card processing services, because that was her job.

She was going for the sale!

I smiled and handed her my card and invited her to call me. She asked for the business and I intend to give her a meeting.

I don’t know if I’ll switch, but I was so proud that she had the opportunity and took it. It takes guts. And moxie. And willingness to be rejected.

And just like the ever-present lollipops, sometimes the rewards can be sweet.


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