Divine Chocolate Intervention

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sometimes fate tells you to eat chocolate. Or more precisely, 62% dark chocolate filled organic figs, with a touch of whiskey.

Yep. You heard right.

This weekend I got a catalog with a picture of this ridiculous fig creation on the front page. I have received 30 or so catalogs trying to entice me to buy holiday gifts for my clients. All go immediately to my recycle bin. Until this one.

Colorful ganache-filled flowers. Cute bees filled with locally sourced salted honey. Hot air balloons with praline. And the darn figs.

Based in Philly, John & Kira’s source from truly unique venues like urban gardens run by school kids. Their passion for food and community is strong.

I put the catalog on my desk, intending to invite them to be on my podcast that launches next month. Then my hubby and I went for a walk-about.

And ended up at a farmer’s market. In front of the John & Kira’s table.

Coincidence or divine intervention?

So I bought some. And ate some. And visited with their great team.

I think one fig a day is reasonable. Or maybe 2. Just 2 and I’ll stop.

Now, if only I can convince them to make a chocolate shaped like a shoe. Filled with salted caramel. Or ganache. Or praline….

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