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Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack Philly

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Confession time. I hate clothes shopping. I am certain the mirrors are out to get me.

But since I am soon going somewhere tropical, I had no choice. I hit Nordstrom Rack looking for shorts.

As I walked in I assumed a Zen state, much like shopping at Costco on a Saturday. Don’t be in a hurry or your blood pressure will rise. Just relax and eat your lunch, one sample at a time.

I found 4 pair of shorts. I half closed my eyes while looking in the mirror, and feel reasonably sure that I won’t be ambushed by What Not to Wear cameras.

Then I put my Zen in high gear to get in line. Much like feeling you are #10 in line for takeoff, I prepared to wait.

This position, however, allowed me to watch Thomas. He didn’t seem like your average additional holiday help. He knew his stuff!

He was next to 2 less experienced gals, and he was magic. He handled customers with calm, could help fellow staff, and showed no fear. I prayed I would end up at his counter. And I did!

I gave the poor guy the extra challenge of one of my items not having a price tag. No problem. He didn’t even break a sweat!

I walked out with my items and a smile. Perhaps I now even have the courage to go back and look for a swimsuit. Or not…

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