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Thoughts From the Coffee Table: It happened over the past year because of this blog. I began to look at every experience as an opportunity to be amazed.

I don’t just shop. I “secret shop.” I don’t just eat out. I dine. I look for the best, and I find it.

Obviously, there are exceptions. But even if excellence if seen in only one person, one moment, one exchange, it is there and I want to celebrate it.

Long a fan of the Food Network, I love celebrity chefs. But my secret fear is that their fame will outshine the performance of their restaurants.

This week I went to Landmarc by Chef Marc Murphy. As per my routine, I always eat at the bar for two reasons. First, I refuse to take up a table. A server can get a better tip when there are more people. Second, I think the bar is often where you can witness the best (sometimes the worst) moments.

Hannah was a joy to watch and interact with. She perfectly melded to each of us that sat at her bar. She was wonderful with fellow staff. She easily engaged with regulars, bringing their drinks without need to ask, their smiles and comfort speaking volumes.

The wine was delicious. My salmon with red lentils was perfect. But Hannah was the star who proves that Chef Marc Murphy delivers on his brand.

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