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Take a Little Time to Enjoy The View

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Complete transparency. I don’t watch The View. But since I want to round out my research with a few more shows, I had to go. And this experience was one of the greatest so far. Here’s why:

The audience is brought in early to a large and comfortable space with a Starbucks, a store with swag, and a place for great photo opps. Smart on many levels, especially in our social media world.

The audience coordinators are genuinely happy, making you feel that you are absolutely vital to the show.

The security team made individual connections with every single person who walked through the door.

The fabulous “warm up guy” Tom Kelly took audience participation to a new level. The Canadian men who were chosen for a dance off were still smiling when I saw them on the street later!

The crew danced and sang anytime there was music, joyous in their work and the people they work with.

The cast took questions from the audience at every commercial, proving that they give their all during the fast paced hour.

We all represent a brand, including the brand of YOU. How we represent tells everything about our beliefs. As I wrap up this research, I have learned much that surprised me. And much I will use for the brand of Michael.

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