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49 Gold Stars

Gold Star Year Survives Thanksgiving

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve made it 49 days in a row. Wow! I’ve now survived several trips, multiple time zones and one major holiday. I guess it’s time now to fess up. I am planning to do this for 365 days. Yep. The Year of the Gold Star.

If you’ve been following along, I made the decision to reward myself each day I complete 3 tasks. Daily exercise, journaling and meditating = Gold Star.

Last week was a serious test. Thanksgiving in MN. The moment I got there I knew that this whole year long journey could be undone in one Norwegian holiday.

Of each of the components, exercise proves to be the most challenging. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be 30 minutes or more.

Tues = 40 minutes of brisk walking through PHL airport. Check!
Wed = 31 min walk in 18 degrees before wind chill. Check!
Thurs = 2 trips to the park with the kids, running races between mailboxes. Check!
Fri = Another walk, this time in 45 degrees. Check!

Each day I find another reason to keep going, and gain another smile when I put the star on the calendar.

I still fear when I get sick. But right now the biggest concern is that I am almost out of puffy gold stars! There were apparently no Cyber Monday Puffy Gold Star deals….

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