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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Each time the door opened you could hear the collective “Norm!” If you don’t know the reference, then I am way older than you.

Holidays bring family together, although the concept of “family” has changed. Family is no longer just blood, but also in ties of friendship that can bind just as tightly.

This was the first Thanksgiving without my father-in-law, reminding me of the first without my dad 16 years ago. We found ways to celebrate the past while moving forward, which brought us to Maverick’s in MN on Wednesday.

A warm and inviting place, the food was yummy. Meatloaf sliders, jalapeño wontons and more with cocktails that were delicious and crazy affordable. But the true fun was the series of regulars that kept coming as the evening progressed.

Everybody knew each other and had dressed for the occasion. When we arrived, people made room for us at the bar. We were welcomed.

Holidays can bring stress and joy, laughter and tears, but there are moments we can hold with us. Like the knowledge that, although we were welcomed, the regulars swooped in like hawks the moment we called for the check.

One holiday down, many more to come. With family found wherever you look. Unless you have their seat!

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