Shock Your Potential



Paul with Avis

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: His name is Paul. He is an airport shuttle driver for Avis in San Antonio. And he someone who will make your day.

Traveling can be stressful, and sometimes the struggle of getting from one point to the next at the end of a long flight (or 2) can make you weary. Or cranky. Or simply want to cry.

Often the people who bear the brunt of frustrations in these last legs are the shuttle drivers and hotel registration.

When we arrived in San Antonio last week, Paul was driving the shuttle. I watched him treat me and every other passenger as if we were the most important people on earth.

His voice on the speaker reminded me of the Big Red Bus tour operators, sounding fresh even though they’ve all given their scripts 10k times.

I told Paul how awesome I thought he was, making him smile. I Tweeted Avis who promised to share with his team. And I thought that was that.

When we got to Avis on our way home, who was driving the shuttle? Paul!

We had him to ourselves for the short ride back and I again marveled at how one person with a wonderful attitude and a joy for taking care of others transcends job, title and company. He makes this a better world.

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