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Giving Thanks

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: A friend came to dinner years ago, arriving with what I assumed was wine. To my surprise it was a lovely bottle of whiskey!

We enjoy whiskey and he wanted to share his favorite, knowing we didn’t have this bottle. To this day I still tell the story, both for my surprise and his truly personal touch.

Yesterday we had this friend and his wife over with 2 other couples for brunch. Laughter, lovely sparkling wine, and great food (I hope, since I cooked) made for a lovely Sunday.

Everyone brought something special to them to share. An incredible sparkling Rose, an artistic fruit plate and a Lithuanian Wedding Cake, courtesy of the only Lithuanian I know.

What really made me think, however, was that she and her Greek husband brought us a gift. Olive oil from Greece.

Every time this couple visits our home, they bring us a gift , always from their homelands, simply to thank us for hospitality. To Give Thanks.

I don’t do that enough. I am happy to bring a bottle of wine, but it is often grabbed off my wine rack before we run out. All of these friends cared to make their “gifts” personal.

Heading into the holiday season, I want to take this with me in my heart and mind. I am grateful. And I will give thanks….


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