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Fernando - Cibolo Moon

Fernando – Cibolo Moon

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have been reflecting on all the little moments of excellence I have observed this week at the JW San Antonio. When I ask for directions, people come from behind their desks. In the gift shop, a lovely woman worked the upsell with a grandmotherly smile. Housekeeping leaves us sweet notes.

Then we met Fernando.

Fernando was our server last night, professional and engaging, exuding confidence that made you trust him. He worked the table, never intruding but never leaving us wanting for anything.

But what made him extra special was his passion for tequila.

Cibolo Moon has a crazy selection of tequila, including many that they infuse on-site. Fernando is considered a tequila sommelier, and his knowledge is impressive! Most of us enjoyed a spicy margarita named the Nado after Fernando, with muddled jalapeño and a chile salt rim. Just to be sure I liked it, I think I should go back for one more.

Fernando taught us about plant varieties, harvest and preparation. He not only knows his stuff, he loves what he knows. He is living proof positive that if you love what you do, you will never work a day.

And if you go to see him, have his margarita. And the chicken fried steak. Definitely the chicken fried steak…

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