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Daymond John

Daymond John – A Gem of a Shark

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I love to listen to other speakers. I like to see their style, listen to the rhythm of their cadence, and watch how they use the stage. I watch how and when they use humor to see if it sounds like the first time they’ve delivered the punch line.

This morning I got to hear Daymond John, Shark Tank star and all-around successful businessman. His story is unique and compelling, and important. But since you know I am obsessed with the study of the customer experience, I found something else most compelling.

Daymond knew the name of the trade group he was speaking to, and referenced it and the industry throughout his talk. He knew the names of the key players in the room. He worked hard to include references that would be important to this group. And he took the conference theme and wove into his story seamlessly.

In other words, Daymond respected his audience enough to make it feel like it was delivered just for us.

He did his homework. He practiced. And he made it flow. It was magic. Or just hard work.

As he concluded I watched the smiles in the room, and heard the buzz of excitement. People felt his energy, and many will feel that energy all day long, thanks to him.

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