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Alma de Cuba

Alma de Cuba

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes it is made of chocolate. Covered in chocolate. Served with marshmallow matches. In a cinnamon cookie cover.

Alma de Cuba is a Steven Starr restaurant in Philly. The Cuban music that plays while the website is open is intoxicating.

Yet another restaurant where I have only gone to for Happy Hour dinners (yes, that is my go-to meal format), last night we had a dinner that blew my mind.

Each meal was superb. Lechon Asado, Paella and Vaca Frita all paired with lovely Chilean carmenere wine.

Plate movement was shocking. I glanced away for a second to find our appetizer plates gone. Each meal came at the same time, even to a group of 10 or so sitting near us.

One server literally carried 7 meals! 3 on a tiered carrier, 3 balanced on his left hand that was ALSO carrying the 3 hanging plates, and one in his right hand. We almost dropped our forks when he went by and watched, holding our breath, as he got them all safely delivered.

Food was stunning. Service was spectacular. An environment loud enough to feel the energy but dampened enough to have a great conversation.

Is today too early to return? Does that make too eager? Maybe I need to play hard to get…


Alma de Cuba

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