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Jefferson Health

Jefferson Health

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Last winter I got the flu. The actual flu. Not the “flu” for a few days where you lose 5 lbs as a joyful by-product, but the knock-down, can’t move, hair hurts, pray someone will smother you with your pillow flu.

Then I got walking pneumonia.

I had not had a flu shot in 10 years. I always got sick after getting one. Docs will tell you that is not possible, but they are full of malarkey. Like all of those years of medical training makes them a better doctor than me!

OK, it seriously does. But I still got sick.

Since moving to Philly I have struggled to find the right docs. I miss the ones from my home town. The relationship with your doc and staff is vital to trust.

Jefferson Health recently opened a new office 2 blocks from me. They had an open house on Saturday, and the nerdy person in me had to go. There were snacks and giveaways and balloons, and a tour.

The new space is bright and cheerful, the team welcoming and engaging. I met the docs and felt good about them. So I made an appointment.

For my flu shot.

The shot was quick and painless. The team seem genuinely happy. I think I might have found my new medical “home.”

There is only one major issue. No Snoopy Band-Aids. I guess no one is perfect.

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