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Thoughts From The Coffee Table: By now you probably suspect that I like to eat out. Just a little.

Gyu-Kaku is one of those places where you cook your own food at the table. If you walk by at dinner, the smells will drive you crazy. And yet I have never sat in the dining room.

We frequent this place because of their great Happy Hour. Iced cold Kirin and filling appetizers equal a great dinner for less than $20. I stopped there Friday to enjoy a light meal and a place to journal, and met the most amazing person. Carlos, the bartender.

Carlos is one of the most positive people I have ever met, and that is saying something! With infectious energy I would love to bottle, he clearly loves the food there. He had at least 5 “favorites.”

When I told him that I had only eaten at the bar he nearly jumped out of his skin. And then jumped out from behind the bar to get me coupons, only when I promised that I would actually come for the full experience.

Employees who are raving fans make an impact on the bottom line. And the top line. And the “waiting for a table” line.

If I owned a restaurant, I would hire this man in an instant. I might open one just for the chance to hire him! But for now, I think I’ll start with the Fried Chicken Karaage…

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