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Blackbird Tavern

The Blackbird

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Last week I was back in my hometown of Spokane, WA visiting my mother. We had a packed schedule of things to do and people to see. I feel the pressure of trying to do as much as possible since I no longer live blocks away.

Lunch one day was at a place I assume is brand new, but which could have been open for years. The Blackbird is that kind of cool micro-brew-hip-trendy place with concrete floors and an industrial feel.

Service was nice and solid, but the food was amazing. We started out with Bacon Fat Popcorn, which should tell you something. My main course was this spicy spaghetti squash thing. I ate every bite!

I am so often focused on the service and experience that the food doesn’t always get the attention. And as we walked out, my mother, husband and I all raved about the food. For days….

I scrolled past this pic today, intending to write about something else. And then I stopped myself. Why not write about the food when it deserves the attention? Why not take a moment again to reflect on an experience that grabbed my attention? And why not give credit, where credit is due?

So to the chef at The Blackbird, you rock!

And can you deliver to Philadelphia?

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