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Richie Burn

Richie – Dr. Oz Show

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You might think it strange that I go to so many shows, but there really is a reason. I am studying the “warm up guy.”

The more I study customer experiences, The more unique people and processes I find that support a company and brand. Celebrities are their own brand, especially if they have a TV show. The “warm up guy” (not to be sexist, but so far I haven’t found a “warm up gal”) is the person who not only preps the audience, but also ensures that you have a great experience.

The celebrity is only one of many moving parts in a show. A dynamic celebrity will engage with the audience, but the “warm up guy”makes your day. Their are rules to being a guest, and an energetic audience makes or breaks the mood.

Richie Burn is with the Dr. Oz show, and is funny in a lovely way. He clearly respects every member of the crew. He enjoys the audience and brings positive comedy to life.

Sales is much like the taping of a show. Your product or service is the celebrity but you are the “warm up guy” for your company.

Great Experience = Buy-In
Buy-In = Repeat Sales
Repeat Sales = “Show” Doesn’t Get Cancelled

So today, have fun. Engage your audience. Tell a joke or two. And please…leave your gum at the door!


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