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Gold Star Update

Gold Star Update

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have learned much since I made the “Gold Star” post on 10/19.  It was scary putting this out there, making it a real commitment.  After over 10k views, hundreds of “likes” and many comments, I saw how much this resonated.

It is too easy to find excuses when I travel, and I travel A LOT!  Time zone changes in particular tend to impact my ability to stick to an exercise routine (aka provide an excuse).

I see how important it is for me to have someone in my corner who supports me.

I spent 5 days visiting my mother, and something about going “home” is like a break from routine.  This was to be my hardest test.

I made it through 7 days on the road without missing a star.  It wasn’t easy.  One night I went to bed and my journal fell out of my backpack.  I hadn’t done it all day.  I almost missed a star because of the one thing I thought was easiest!

I gave myself a gold foil star yesterday, because my 30 minutes of exercise turned into 49 mins and 2.8 miles of airport walking on layover. With my husband right by my side.  Because he suggested it.

I can succeed even when I doubt myself.  I can succeed even when I want to give myself a reason not to.  I can succeed….if I choose to.

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