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Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  Last month I bought my first pair of Vans.  Now I “need” the baby blue canvas.

This week in the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA, The Body Shop team invited other stores to come and meet me.  Like I said, I felt like a rock star!

Bonnie and Lindsey came from Vans, dynamic gals with a vision and a passion to make their store flourish.  We discussed the balance of work and life, and their enthusiasm for their company was infectious.

They had read my earlier post on Vans and had a goodie bag for me with the “invisible” socks I referenced before but did not buy.  And then they about fell over giggling, explaining they are called “no show socks.”

I learned about the A.skate Foundation, a nonprofit connecting autistic children with the world through skateboarding.  Autism is near and dear to me, but it reminds me is that many companies that we love, support causes that we don’t always see.  When we slow down, ask, and engage we can learn more about what they offer to the world beyond great products.

Do me a favor.  Learn more about what your companies believe in, and support their causes that speak to you.  For me, I am diving in, or rather skateboarding, to  Bring on the Band-Aids!

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