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THe Body Shop - Boston

The Body Shop – Peabody, MA

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  This week I was invited to come “be pampered” by the team at The Body Shop in the Northshore Mall, Peabody, MA.  Rachel, the store manager, has been following my posts and honored me by the invitation.

As #secretshoppermichael, I write about great leadership, sales and customer service experiences when I am neither expected nor known.  Being invited, I expected to see greatness.  But what I experienced was much more.

Rachel, Gisbel and Felicia pampered me, no doubt.  I felt like a rock star!
But it was the way they treated every other customer that really spoke to me.

In particular, a group of special needs adults and their caregivers were having an outing at the mall.  Many stores might wish a group like this would move on. Not Rachel and her team.

The group was joyously welcomed to smell and to feel and to see products in action.

No purchases were made, and at times the caregivers seemed nervous as to not overstay the welcome. But everyone in that group had giant smiles.

Service means more than sales. And yet service, given freely and without judgement, will always reap rewards.

As I left, the team thanked me for visiting them.  But the thanks belongs
solely to me.  I was transformed that day by their humanity.

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