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Brewers Fork - Boston

Brewer’s Fork – Boston Area

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I like bread and butter.  I like toast and jam.  And if you know the reference, you’ll know how old I am.

And that I can be a poet, don’t you know it!

I just spent 2 days in Boston and have more stories to share than days of the week!  But last night’s dinner took the cake.  Or the toast.

I went to a spot called Brewer’s Fork in Charlestown, MA with family.  They have been there many times, so much so that I expected to hear “Norm!” when we walked in.

Our server was a spunky gal named Zaida.  Wow.  Just wow.

Zaida has a talent for describing dishes, wine, beers, you name it, to the point where you can taste it before you can.  Her passion for the fare is clear and focused.  She wants you to be enmeshed in the experience of dining.

I very rarely tell people when I am going to write about them.  Sometimes it freaks them out.  But I had to learn more.

She explained how everyone should enjoy the full luxuriousness of dining out, and feel like a King or Queen while doing so.

When someone leaves you with an experience this great, it has to be recognized.

Before we spoke she brought us this complementary dessert of a sweet cinnamon toast with grape jam.  Delicious endpoint to a fabulous evening.  And proof of perfection.

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