Shock Your Potential


George the Squirrel

George the Squirrel

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I met this little guy yesterday in Boston. He was so still for the pic that I thought he might be sick.

When I began to move on he pulled a giant acorn out of his mouth. You can barely see it in the pic. Poor little guy! He thought I was going to steal his supper!

I am doing the first tapings for my podcast and I ask each guest this question. “If you could go back in time, what advice would you give the younger you to propel yourself faster?”

The common theme so far is a wish that they would have had confidence to ask more questions of people in power.

Although the saying goes “there are no stupid questions” none of us really believe that. No one wants to show their weaknesses.

It has made me think. When I was a leader, did I hoard knowledge like an acorn, or did I make it easy for my team to approach? Although I want to believe I created a place of learning, that is only my perspective.

So today I have a pocket full of raw almonds. In case I run into George. The squirrel. He might need to feel safe enough to take another pic!

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