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Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I am not your typical professional.  I have wacky colors in my hair.  I have an obsession with unique shoes.  And because I speak with dramatic use of my hands, they are highly decorated.

My “nail gal” is an artist.  I send her pics to inspire and she goes from there.  When I arrive I am not asked to pick a color.  May picks the colors for me.  She is completely in charge.

Yesterday I thought about the trust I put in her.  I control my work life with precision.  My husband is my partner in our personal life.  But when it comes to my nails, May is in charge.

I trust her for many reasons.  She listens to me.  She understands me and my unique style.  She has pride in what she creates for me.  Because of all of those things, she has earned my trust.

Sales is a funny business.  You have a very short time to earn trust, and yet it can be done.  A smile.  A nod.  Confidence without arrogance.  True active listening.

In this part of my life, May is in control.  I can guide or veto.  I simply never do.

And as I walked out yesterday she smiled and said “I’ve already planned out your holiday nails. Thank goodness someone is looking out for me!

Maybe I can convince her to do my shopping as well….


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