Shock Your Potential


Fortune Cookies

Good Fortune!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I used to work with a woman who’s uncle owned a fortune cookie factory.  Seriously.

Once a month she would bring in a bag of “defective” cookies.  They were flat or half curled, you name it.  Regardless of shape, they were the best tasting cookies in the world!

To this day, I love fortune cookies, for their taste and their wisdom.  And sometimes for their psychic powers.

I ran a training company long ago and my first seminar was how to become a better public speaker.  The class was called “A Way with Words.”  The day I wrote the training manual I went for Chinese food.

My fortune said “You have a way with words.” I am not kidding.  I still have that fortune in my office, over 20 years later.

My book “Tell Me More” is about leadership through active listening.  I have begun to actively promote my book, doing book signings and media interviews.  And as I sat in a NYC restaurant last week enjoying the craziness of this journey, I received this.

As I wrap up what has been an amazing week, I am reminded to sit back and enjoy each moment.  There are signs everywhere.

And in case you didn’t know, fortune cookies make the most amazing cheesecake crusts!  Which also tells you what I will be doing this weekend.

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