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Argo Tea

Argo Tea for Me!

Thoughts From The Coffee Table:  Fall is my favorite season.  The brisk air makes me feel alive and renewed, and calls me to tea.

Last week in NYC I was feeling the first “bite” of fall air.  I bought a cashmere scarf from a street vendor for $10.  (Do you think it’s really cashmere?) Then I found Argo Tea on Broadway.

This was my first time in Argo, and I felt the connection immediately.  The staff was smiling, almost all the seats were filled with happy people on laptops or reading.  And thankfully there was also a nice clean restroom!  That is always important when in NYC…

I very rarely order sweetened tea, preferring the clean scents and flavors, but the Carolina Honey seemed lovely and I was happy for the choice.  Yum!

I often wonder how so many cafes survive when there are so many choices, but product, service and experience makes the difference for me.

Although I had been intending to grab my cup and head out again, I decided to sit awhile at watch the crowd.  I was curious.

There is a vibe in every café.  Some are filled with those seeking free Wi-Fi and a place not to feel isolated.  Some you expect a beatnik poetry reading in the corner.  Others feel empty and cold.

This one felt like home.


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