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La Perla

La Perla and Lace!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I don’t usually discuss undergarments in public. Except when I fess up to wearing Spanx.  But only when my clothes shrink.

I wasn’t sure I would write this today, but my experience at La Perla was too good to avoid a “lacy” subject.

I found La Perla in NYC 4 years ago and went back yesterday hoping to find another undergarment (I am being politically correct so as to not get grounded by my mother) that fit as nicely as the two I bought there before.

Greeted immediately by the lovely Quanasia, I soon had a bottle of Perrier and a changing room. Let the fun begin!

Although no woman alive finds this fun. I compare it to a mammogram. Necessary but painful.

This time was neither painful nor stressful. It was actually fun!

What truly impressed me, however, was hearing one half of an upset customer call. Ronnie was amazing!

I am not sure how the person on the other end sounded, but on my end I heard calm, respect, patience, and solutions. Her voice reminded me of my meditation app.

When she got off the phone I laughed and told her I would find it impossible to be upset about anything if she were talking to me.

If we all talked to each other that way, every day, the world would be a better place.  And covered in lace…

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