Shock Your Potential


Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly – The Conductor

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  Have you ever been to the orchestra?  I spent 6 years of my life playing the violin.  I had a purple velvet jacket that my mother made me wear so she could find me in the crowd at concerts.  I spent years in therapy over that jacket, although today I would actually like to have it back.

This morning I had a new experience in the audience at Good Morning America.  Much like my friend Joey Kola for Rachel Ray, Tom Kelly is the “warm up guy” for GMA.  He is amazing!

Warming up an audience is no easy feat.  You need to give direction, raise energy levels, and make people feel at ease.  You must add humor, mix in personal touches to engage individuals, and get a sense of who’s in the room.

A live show must be a little like trying to conduct Spring Allegro not knowing what instruments are in the pit.

Tom was Conductor Extraordinaire through this chaos.  In particular, he found a young girl in the audience, from OK nonetheless, and before we knew it she was up with a mic (before the show) singing.  The gift Tom gave this girl and her mother had us all in tears with giant smiles.

When you stop being star struck and watch the dance of the production team, it is clear that this is art.  I wonder if Tom owns a purple jacket…

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