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CVS Gets a Trophy!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I do not believe in trophies for all, even though I still have a 7th place ribbon for the 200 meter backstroke when I was 10.  It is baby blue.

There is a CVS that I shop at frequently.  It is close, has an awesome selection of ice cream, padded envelopes and a great rotating cereal sale.  I used to hate the receipt as long as I am tall, but now I feel like I’m at a slot machine waiting for my winnings.  Michael loves a coupon!

As I walked out yesterday I wondered why I had not written about this store yet.  Then I realized something.

I always write about “shockingly” great experiences.

At this CVS, I have consistency.  Every team member is nice, cheerful and welcoming, without fail.  Every thing I need is always available.  Every line moves at the right speed, or else a team member intercepts.

I have never had a negative experience in this store.  Ever.  And I have never had anything but a positive customer experience.

So to the CVS in Fairmount in Philly, I want you to know that you are doing a great job!  And I apologize that I haven’t recognized you yet for what you are:  Consistent in representing your company, and yourselves, with positivity and professionalism!

I’ll bring by the trophy later..

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