Shock Your Potential


Karen Rogers

The Lovely Karen Rogers – 6 ABC Philly

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I am 12 years old.  My parents returned from a trip and brought me a cowboy shirt with pearl snap buttons.  I wear it to school proudly, and my friend Kathie tells me I am conceited when I ask her if she likes it.

I immediately say “I am not!” although I have no idea what the word means.  I have to go look it up, and then we don’t speak for at least a week.  I never wear the shirt again.  But I do begin cultivating a new vocabulary.

Sadly, this memory has stuck with me.  But it prompts me to compliment people at sometimes strange times.  This morning I sent a Tweet to Karen Rogers, a local ABC anchor, complimenting her dress.  I love the color, I love the unique neckline, and she seems to be a simply all-around pleasant person.  I think I shocked her!

Her response was “Oh thanks!! I hardly ever wear it b/c I didn’t think it flattered me.. so thanks!”  And just like that, I was 12 again, but this time glad I could give a compliment freely and hopefully make her morning.

Today, just stop and look around.  Who around you could use the lift of an honest compliment from a stranger?  Who is in need of a reminder that sometimes we just need to be seen?  And how much do we grow when we sow these seeds?


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