Shock Your Potential


Ivy Why

Ivy Why Designs – Magic and Love!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I made my first Tweet in March.  My son thought that was hilarious.  Until then my social media presence consisted of  LinkedIn and FB, with FB as the home for recipes and old friends.

Learning this medium has been like learning a new language.  I have the basic skillset, but still stumble over the verbiage.  It’s like being in Brazil, trying to order a beer, but instead asking to surf in the kitchen.

This medium has brought me many new great experiences too.  I found @ivywhydesigns via Instagram, and loved their beautiful jewelry concepts and designs.  I decided to buy these bracelets with stones to harness love and positivity.  Right up my alley!

My order came fast and lovingly packaged. A simple dried flower felt like an offering and the card had a handwritten note on the back, thanking me and wishing me well.  How much did these simple additions mean to an online order?

I am fumbling through this landscape, trying to gain followers, understanding who to follow back, being  honored when people think I would like to send them full body pics and date them. THAT was a surprise to me AND my hubby!

But I am also gaining a new appreciation of a world of pics and short phrases.

Oh.  And hashtags. #shockyourpotential

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