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Target – Pronounced, of course, with a French Accent!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I am ridiculously excited for Target (pronounced in French) to open in my neighborhood.  I always find 3 things that I NEED that I didn’t know I needed!  Note to self, don’t let hubby see this post today.

I have 2 particular recent experiences worth sharing.  Yesterday in Cherry Hill the woman at check out was adorable!  My age or older (so maybe 30), scanned my pumpkin purchases said she had never carved a pumpkin.  How does that happen?

This of course lead to more chatter and laughs.

I believe the best experiences have as much to do with the caliber of people a company hires as it does solid training.  Happiness always wins in my book.

Second, last week during the flurry of purchases for my son and grandchildren in Tacoma, I had to return two items.  I don’t think I have EVER made a return to a Target.  Getting in line behind 5 people, I prayed for patience.

To my delight, a team member in an open lane called us over one by one.  Within minutes, I back to shopping.  Yes, I had more to buy.

Clearly, keeping us in line for a long time was not an option.  I began to watch the level of alertness among staff.  Eyes were always on the customer, proving we are valued.

If only they would provide pumpkin carving lessons…

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