Shock Your Potential


Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor – Researcher and Unicorn Maker

Thoughts From The Coffee Table:  There were many wonderful moments yesterday at the PA Conference for Women, and one of my favorites was delivered by a man.

Shawn Achor has my dream job.  He is a happiness researcher.  Please overlook the fact that I failed my first statistics class….

Looking for the connections between happiness and success, Shawn mixes data with fun.  His ability to make an audience laugh is perfect, with a message that fits nicely with my vision.

“The lens through which you view your world shapes your reality” he says.  “Your brain at positive performs significantly better than in neutral or negative or stressed.”

If you read my posts you know I focus on positive experiences of leadership, sales and customer service.  Yesterday someone asked me a great question.  He asked me how we could improve if we ignored the negative.  Here is my answer.

I always share a “bad” experience with the leadership.  I make this private, allowing that person to remedy without the world to see.  But when I see greatness, I want to shout it from the rooftops!  We can always find fault, but we don’t always praise the great.

Shawn Achor, yesterday you were GREAT!  And I am a better, and happier, person for it.  And possibly also a unicorn….



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