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PA Conference

PA Conference for Women 2017

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Two years ago this conference changed my life. I am back once again, ready to learn and embrace and to celebrate the journey I have been on.

When I attended the first time I was able to enjoy simply being a participant, something I’m not used to. I am used to being the organizer, the presenter and the janitor. It was a joy!

I had been contemplating writing a leadership book for about a year, but had not yet found my voice. I was too concerned about the format of my message, making the writing process impossible.

As I sat and listened to each speaker, my muse emerged. I realized that I didn’t have to write a stuffy text. I could put my message into a story that was easy to digest, an airplane book that you can read in a flight.

Making the conference the backdrop to my story makes it all the more special!

My journey has been amazing, from author to speaker to writing my next book. But today again I am just ready to embrace and enjoy. Thankful to be back where it all began…


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