Shock Your Potential



Attention Walmart Shoppers

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  I have to admit it.  I have never been much of a Walmart shopper.

I wrote a paper on Walmart long ago in a marketing class.  My thesis was that the company needed Sam Walton to get back to the helm.  I was unaware he had passed away.  I am nothing if not brilliant some days.

While in WA last week, I spoiled my son and grandkids, trying to help turn his apartment into a home.  You do NOT want to know how much I spent.  Do NOT tell my husband!

I made several trips to Walmart.  Every single team member in the Tacoma store that I encountered was fabulous!  Friendly, helpful, and just happy to say “good morning” to me and every other shopper.  One woman in particular, helped me find WD40, much like a scavenger hunt when she realized it wasn’t where she thought it was.  We were both laughing by the time we found it.

Each time I checked out I found yet another bright and cheerful person, helping me with my giant cart at 8am.  Where do these people come from?

Retail is changing every day, and every minute.  Large stores and small, online or in-person.  It is easy to find fault and blame.   Yet I am convinced that each has the opportunity to amaze us.  As long as we are willing to look for it.


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