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Optimism – In a Glass!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I know some pretty awesome people. And many of those people love beer. Some even love it so much that they brew it for the world to enjoy!

Yesterday I took a couple hours off of Grandma duty to visit Optimism Brewing Co. in Seattle. Started by a high school friend and her husband, I knew that by name alone, I was going to a happy place.

“We believe in the power of optimism (and beer) to make the world a better place.”

This place is fun and hip and proof that Capital Hill is a much safer place than when I went to college there.

The owners share my belief in providing an amazing customer experience, and hire and train to that every day in every way. Everyone feels responsibility to make the company great. The mutual respect is easy to see.

Except when they all gang up on my friend when it’s time to name a new beer. Gaye, I’m thinking bRed Better….

Although our visit was short, I fell in love with the Raspberry Sour. And I can’t wait to come back!

#secretshoppermichael #shockyourpotential

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