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Raspberry Cheesecake

Raspberry Cheesecake for Breakfast? Yes!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: First of all, it’s not my fault. Second, it is delicious!

I bear no responsibility for my love of caffeine. After all, I was born and raised in WA state. It is in our DNA. I used to drink a latte a day, savoring the feel of the warm cup while enjoying the aroma before the first sip. It was definitely a ritual.

In WA, there is drive-through everything, and the home of drive-through espresso stands. We are a people tied to our cars here!

When I lived here I had my favorite spots, not for the coffee as much as the experience. The people are usually fun and engaging, and come up with the most figure-friendly concoctions!

After dropping my grandchildren at daycare today I decided to indulge. The ladies at Cafe Elite were joyous, and thought I was nuts for taking the pics. Then when I asked if they could make my drink only HALF as sweet as normal, they about fell over with laughter.

Needless to say, even half as sweet, I will be going into a sugar coma in about 10 minutes. With a smile on my face.

Being back on WA this week has reminded me of how we all enjoy the familiar. A great cup of coffee. The love of family. And the chance to be back in time, if only in moments.

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