Shock Your Potential



Please Say Grandma….

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Yesterday I was Professional Speaker Michael, suited up with fabulous shoes. Today I am yet again Super Grandma!

Our breakfast conversation consists of me trying to get this beautiful girl to say Grandma while she bats her eyelashes at me and says DaDa. Pretty tough job.

Yesterday I spoke with project management professionals about active listening in a successful work environment. Today I am reminded how much it impacts our personal ones.

My respect for single parents has grown even more this week . Seeing my son in action, and having him be willing to let me show him a few tricks, has been magical.

Last night I successfully turned bath time into a fun evening ritual. This morning I screwed up by waking this one too early by a squeaky door that I wasn’t careful of.

Last night I chased after my grandson only to leave my phone where my granddaughter grabbed it, sent a message and put it in her mouth. Hero to humble, helper to nagging mother. Success and failure.

Today I will live in the moment, enjoy and give myself a break when I screw up. All things I was never able to do when my son was this age.

And while I drink my coffee yet again out of the giant Iron Man mug, I will just be Grandma.


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