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Project Management Institute Conference

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: No matter what group I speak to, there are more core similarities than differences.

I like to sit in on as many sessions as I can, to learn more about participants and their needs. This is my first time speaking to a PMI group, and so far I am very impressed!

Listening to the morning speaker, the message of active and frequent communication, followed by “how do we know what DONE looks like?” is a perfect complement to my message in Tell Me More.

Watching participants today, especially the conversations with people while I sign books, reminds me how much we still need these mediums to connect, network and belong. Budget constraints have made it harder to have and/or attend large meetings, making it all more important to deliver a strong value.

But one thing I know for sure…I should have brought more books!!

#shockyourpotential #tellnemorebook

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