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Breakfast with Cameron

Breakfast in “Peace” or Pieces…

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: This was my morning. I am too old for this.

While in Seattle to speak at a conference this week, I booked some extra days to be with my son and grandchildren for the week. Yesterday was day one.

This morning I was on “get them up and dressed and to daycare” duty. Needless to say, the daycare ladies think I am hilarious!

My son has officially been a single parent for about 5 months. My grandson is 3 and granddaughter is 1. Makes you just tired reading it, doesn’t it?

I am exhausted and it isn’t even 9:30am on the West coast yet. But I’m smiling from ear to ear.

I look for great examples every day of excellence in leadership, sales and customer experiences. And today I highlight my son and every other single parent out there. I have no idea how you do it. I bet you feel exhausted too and often alone facing a mountain. Just keep climbing.

By the way, I even bathed them both this morning with very few shrieks of misery. I am feeing pretty much like a superhero! After one morning.

Oh well, for now I’ll drink my coffee out of an Iron Man mug. And maybe take a nap.


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