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Todd Frazier

America’s Pastime

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I went to my first MLB game in college. It was painful. Mariners vs. someone, 0-0 in the 9th, and I thought I was free! Nope. 1-1 through the 14th. Mariners lost.

We have been fortunate to be invited to Twins/Yankees once a year. My husband is from MN, so you know who we’re rooting for. The first time I went to Yankee Stadium (the new one), I was a bit emotional. Say what you want about any team, but there is a richness in American history there that is undeniable.

I have to be honest that I didn’t know who Todd Frazier was though when he came by to sign balls and take selfies with every kid (young and old) yesterday. What a brand ambassador for both the Yankees and to baseball itself!

When he hit a 105 mph foul ball that struck a child in the crowd yesterday, my heart broke for him as much as that family. Clearly distraught, he still had to go on and play once the little girl was taken for treatment. I will always know him now, seeing his genuine humanity.

I must admit that there is now a little Yankee in me. Of course, for the Twins. And just to shake things up, I wore my Mariners gear. If nothing else, I confused everyone around me. Just don’t ask me about the final score…


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