Shock Your Potential


Morton Williams

Morton Williams

Thoughts From The Coffee Table:  When my husband and I travel to different countries, we always seek out a grocery store.  We love to wander the aisles to see what is customary, and we always find food treasures to bring home.

Yesterday in Manhattan we found a store that was like walking into another country, filled with sights and smells that were astounding!  We kind of just stopped and looked, jaws dropped.

Morton Williams is a beautifully organized store, using every inch of space like a work of art.  Cereal boxes are all perfectly aligned, and you have the sense that if you took down one bottle of salsa, it would be replaced without you knowing before you turned around.

The selection of foods at the “deli” made us mad that we had already stopped for lunch.  A feast for the stomach, eyes and definitely the nose.

Watching the team flow effortlessly through their jobs made me admire the training plan.  This business is smooth.

When you are proud of what you do and the business that employs you, the results transcend to the customer. You just feel it. So now, where should I go for lunch today?

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